Butyl rubber is an isobutylene copolymer with a small amount of isoprene. Highly resistant to oxygen, ozone and solutions of acids, alkalis and salt. It is nonreactive with oxidizing agents such as lime chloride, potassiom permanganate and dichromate. Elasticity of butyl rubber is increased by long-term heating in the air up to +100°C. At the temperature from +180 up to + 200°C , it can be extruded. Butyl rubber is widely used in construction, sealing, waterproof coatings, mastics, pastes , glues


Grade Mooney Viscocity ML(1+4) Tensile Strength MPA min Elongation at Brake %, min Unsaturation mole%
BK-1675 51 ±5 13, 0 450 1, 4-1, 8